Monday, January 7, 2013

Scavenging for food, Syrian children witness war

From CNN
     On the news there was an article about how kids in syria are witnessing war in their country and now many of them are lead to nothing left and have to scavenge for themselfs. This isn't a very good situation to be in for the children they are usually left without homes, basic food necessities. This could usually lead to death or some kind of harsh labor due to the lack of anything to do and need for food.

     This reminds me of how when I was a child, I could not go from village to village just stealing food and leaving everyone behind, I needed more than that. I needed shelter, friends and more of a community to make me feel better and thats when I was taken into the militia against the rebels. They provided me with resources but sometimes not the best. Due to the still lacking of food and things many of the people were lead to doing drugs to help deal with their hunger and their pain. This is what this might cause these poor kids to go into, and it is not fun at all. For a young adolescent child to be doing cocaine and weed can cause very bad health problems and major dependency as they grow up, causing the child to either die before their age due to overdose of drugs and malnutrition or death due to being killed by other raiders in search of food or protecting their own food.

     Unicef should help the kids in this country and make their futures better like they did mine. I would love to tell the people in the world that their donations to Unicef and other good non-for profit organizations really come in handy and that they should continue to donate money for the kids around the world. Some kids are left without parents and struggle to take care of themselves sometimes, causing them to be in great danger. Unicef puts people in good homes and makes their lives a tad better.
These poor kids could have a greater future but need to get something to help them first. 

Having Others

One thing that came in handy with dealing with all of the emotions and thinking about how i was going to recover from this terrible horror were friends. Friends or people that have gone through the same events that i had and are all better now gave me a lot of hope. I thought that if they could make it, why couldn't I? I have noticed, especially for me that everything is better if you have someone to go along with you. Though you might think you are better off alone but in reality and in the long run being with someone else makes your live and the companions life better. This taught me to share my experience and show that you can get better from even the worst possible things. Though I did not see the immediate affects of the speeches I had given, I knew that if it helped me it would help others also.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Meeting my new family

After a while of not having any real, blood related, family with me I started to feel the emptiness inside me. I had my case worker to find my parents and help me fill this void. Eventually my case worker had found my uncle, whom I had never met. His name was Tommy. When we first met he said that he would take care of me, provide for me and make my future better. I was very hesitant because I did not want to overbear him with my needs and I also just met him. Though after a while of frequent walks I got to know him better. This situation gave me great hope for my future. It gave me a taste of what life was before all of this had happened. Tommy told me more about my dad and I learned great things, and this gave me a sense of hope and peace for my future.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Realizing our atrocities

When in the rehabilitation area we all could not just sit and relax we attacked people, local villages, and acted like monsters. These actions seemed common nature to us at that point and seemed harmless. Though I went to a hospital and was treated with extreme kindness, even though I didn't want any of their help. This eventually wore me down and I accepted the gracious help and I finally noticed how bad my actions were. I regret doing those things and Being so violent but this wasn't my fault, it was the war. Thank god that the rehabilitation center got me back to my senses before I went insane and only wanted to kill.

Some were salvaged

In my time as serving as a soldier I lost a sense of many things. I lost the sense of protection and family. My only family was my soldier unit and my protection was my gun. It was a kill or be killed. One day UNICEF men came and asked to take us to be cared and nurtured for but the general lines us up and chose the you best and sent them off, I fortunately was apart of that lucky group. That relief was amazing, and the knowledge that the future of some were salvaged made my day. The older ones weren't allowed in, causing me to feel especially happy, thank god for UNICEF or else my life would have been hell.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The other side

I was eventually recruited into an army but not the rebel army. We fought against the army and killed ruthlessly. The leader of our small army said that whatever kings we had done were out of the benefit of the country and homeland whereas the killings that the rebels did were for no reason and just to bring terror into our hearts. Though I do wonder if the rebel army leader said the same things to the men fighting in the rebel army to make them feel better about what they were doing. When in the army the people didn't really live off food as much as they did drugs. This is when I started to smoke weed and cocaine, it would cause me to be tired but I lived through it by watching Rambo action movies which also motivated me in some battles. Though I sometimes now think, was I any better than the rebels? When we ran out of supplies we would run to local villages, for ing the residents to join our army and then also kill any rebels. I still wonder to this day whether this was helpful in anyway to my homeland.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Normalcy in chaos

One day while on the run from the rebels, we were taken into a village by soldiers. They were thankfully not any rebels and were actually apart of a great tribe that was actually normal. After weeks of not seeing normalcy anywhere, this was a relief. I was put to washing dishes and helping out the community in return for shelter and food. People looked so normal and calm, as if though nothing was to happen and nothing is happening. Children lined the streets and played soccer and had fun together. Though I did notice the amount of orphans that were present at the time. This normalcy and calm theme of the tribe brought me hope that there is a way back to normalcy. This though was a short lived memory and soon the rebels were at the doorsteps winning and making their way into our safe have. This just simply reminds me that good things can't and will not last forever and while it is there for that brief second you should enjoy it. I learned that I should be happy that such things can actually make me fear my life and miss home. I should be happy that I had a house and maybe still had a family.